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Secret Sheet Fundraiser

Donated by John Lomangino, a friend to all.  John created, designed, produced and marketed the "Secret Sheet".  It is made from durable umbrella like material.  Designed to be rugged and water repellent.  It is designed to be rolled up and hidden away in your head rest and used when needed.  For example, returning from a day at the beach and you don't want to get your car seats dirty or wet.  Or maybe you took you four legged friend for a walk on the beach and your pup is wet and sandy.  This will catch the sand and keep your seats clean and dry.  When you get home, just shake off the sand and rinse off if needed, then roll up and secretly tuck away until the next use!  All donations will be used to help make necessary upgrades and pave the parking lot at the clubhouse.  Click the link above to make a donation to NSBPOA.  If you make a donation of $25, you will receive one Secret Sheet.  Donate $40 and you will get two!  Remember, all donations will go to pave the parking lot at the clubhouse.  Thank you John for your most generous donation to NSB!

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