Kayak Spot Reservations

Kayak season is here! For those of you who were unable to attend our General Meeting this past Sunday, we’d like to take a moment to explain kayak storage procedures for this year. You will have the opportunity to choose your own kayak space this year using a reservation type system via Eventbrite. Think, similar to, purchasing tickets for seats at a baseball game or concert! This year, each space reservation will incur a $15 fee. Please have your credit/debit card nearby!  For right now, due to our spike in membership, (thanks everyone!), we are limiting kayak space reservations to only one space per membership, initially. In two weeks, we will open our reservation system to those who wish to reserve a second space. There will be a two space reservation limit. Directions for how to reserve a kayak space online are below, along with our guidelines for storing the kayaks each year. We do ask members to be respectful of and agree to these guidelines.

How Do I Reserve a Kayak Space Online?

Beginning this Wednesday, June 23rd at 3:00 PM, four links will be posted on our website under the “Kayak Reservations” tab on our website. When reserving a kayak space, please choose which beach you wish to store your kayak at: Friendship, Nimbus, Broadway or Beech Road. Then, click the green “TICKETS” button.  You will then be brought to a page where you will find yellow dots. These are a diagram of the kayak spaces. Click the button that says “Buy on Map”.  You will then be able to select which space you would like. **Keep in mind that the system will default to any spot if you do not specifically choose your space.  Row “C” is the top row, row “B” is the middle row, and row “A” is the lower row. If you do not like a selection, and want to change it, click the circle that is “white” and it will become yellow.  Once you click a yellow circle of your preference, it will turn white, and you can then check out. Please also keep in mind you may have to hit the plus or minus button on the upper left corner to zoom in and out.


***If you do not select “Buy on Map” and select “get my ticket” you will not have a choice of a space, and Eventbrite will select one for you.


If you have any questions, please email Gina, at kayaks@northshorebeach.org


  1. In order to reserve a space on a kayak rack, you must be a member in good standing, having your 2021 dues paid.

  2. You must provide your own lock and cable and keep your kayak stored upside down, with the mandatory permit sticker clearly displayed.

  3. You must keep your kayak in your assigned spot at all times. If you store your kayak in someone else’s space, your lock will be cut and your kayak will be removed. A $50 cutting fee will be assessed and added to your next year’s dues per occurrence.

  4. Kayak storage is for summer season use only. All kayaks must be removed by Labor Day, September 6th, 2021, (weather permitting). If you fail to remove your kayak by this deadline, your lock will be cut and your kayak will be removed. A $50 cutting fee will be assessed and added to your next year’s dues per occurrence.

  5. Only standard sized kayaks are allowed to be stored in our kayak racks. Canoes and boats are not permitted. ONE kayak may be stored in each space. “doubling up” is not permitted.

  6. Kayak storage is at your own risk. North Shore Beach Property Owners Association is hereby indemnified from any damage, theft or injury.

  7. If a kayak is not placed in your reserved space within 14 days of receiving your sticker, the spot will be made available to those on a waiting list.

  8. Kayak spaces are non-transferable.